84 Bottle Shipper

Privacy Policy

VUCA Inc. (hereafter “our company”) complies with laws regarding protection of personal information, and handles personal information of our customers appropriately in accordance with below policies.

1. Definition of personal information

“Personal information” means information regarding living individuals which can identify a specific person such as names, dates of birth and any other descriptions included in the said information, as well as anything that can be easily compared to other information which can then lead to identifying a specific individual.

2. Collection of personal information

Our store may collect personal information of customers when products are purchased or inquiries are made. When information is collected, that will be done in legal and fair means, with the purpose of usage stated clearly. Personal information collected at our store will be the following.
  • Name, furigana (Japanese alphabet showing the pronunciation)
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Information on delivery address
  • Transaction histories with our store and their contents
  • Any information that can specify an individual by combining the above.

3. Use of personal information

The purposes of using personal information our store has received from customers are as follows.
  • Confirmation and checking of orders
  • Confirmation and checking of ordered product shipments
  • When replying to inquiries
  • Sending catalogues and direct mails, communicating service information
Except for below cases, our store will not disclose/provide personal information to a third party without consent from the customer.
  • When we are legally required, or when we are required to aid a governmental agency, a local government agency, or those commissioned by such agencies to carry out tasks dictated by the law.
  • When such information is needed in order to protect the life, body or property of a person, and obtaining permission from the customer in question is difficult.
  • When personal information is exchanged among affiliated companies of the company operating our store.

4. Safekeeping of personal information

Our store shall endeavor to prevent risks of unauthorized access and loss/falsification/ leakage of personal information and such by complying with relevant regulations and appropriately handling personal information we have received from customers, as well as having service providers take measures that are reasonable, systematic, physical, personal and technical for safekeeping of personal information.

5. Correction/deletion of personal information

“For correction/deletion of personal information received by our customers, please contact us via below contact information. Furthermore, if a customer has registered as a user with us, personal information can be amended from “My Account” in the menu of our website.”

6. With regards to use of cookies

Our company uses cookies on some cases in order to provide better services to our customers. However, this would not enable collection of information that can specify individuals, and would not invade privacy of our customers. Moreover, if a customer does not wish to accept a cookie, this can be changed with his/her browser setting. ※A cookie is information sent out from our server computer to the browsers of our customers, and is accumulated on hard drives of computers used by customers.

7. Changes to privacy policies

When changes are made to the personal information collected, to the purposes of usage, or to any other privacy policies, our store will disclose such changes by amending this page on our website.